A Triptych of Poems

            in the Manner of Tom Jenks’ “Spruce”

            During the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic



“The Trump Administration as a False Positive”


social distancing in a wet market in Wuhan

by a sneeze guard with some convalescent plasma

in an iso-hair outbreak in full PPE


in a second wave R naught hotspot

the Trump administration as a false positive

hotel quarantine for the pangolin herd


immunity strategies of the Toyota Corona

the contact tracing of stray sanitation stations

tears on the pavement that glisten like glass



“Donald J. Trump is the King of all Ventilators”


injecting disinfectant with the disaster capitalists

in a lax travel bubble with clandestine hairdressers

with some flu bro covidiots in a soft wobble room


the coronasplaining of the armchair virologists

Donald J. Trump is the King of all Ventilators

by a hard lockdown under drone biosurveillance


zoonotic diseases under the doona

a cytokine storm by the pop-up COVID clinic

the tears of the masked covfefe in bars



“The Trump Administration is Asymptomatic”


the horseshoe bats vector for an online migration

in an old normal without sanitiser fatigue

in an exponential growth of TP panic buying


an uptick in naso-pharyngeal swabs

the Trump administration is asymptomatic

aerosolising hate in Lafayette Park


flattening the curve by the zombie businesses

herd immunity by the respiratory droplets

on iron-covered rooftops rains scatter like wails




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