Photo by Yousef Espanioly 




All y’all:


Alabama flagger flyin’

Cajun dinghy riggin’

Creole beignet flippin’

Texas gravel haulin’

Georgia trailer hicthin’

Mississippi mud draggin’


…Gentlemen…can we talk?


All y’all:


Emerald Coast revelers

Ruby Coast ragers

Sapphire Coast rompers

Pearl Coast plungers

Onyx Coast splashers

Diamond Coast flap abouters


I mean, catch, toss, kick around a bit: 


Bent key capitalism

Worn key capitalism

Broken key capitalism

Lost key capitalism

Wrong key capitalism

Keyless fob dead battery capitalism


Not the right time?


I want to agree,

but ripples over there you can see

the white caps of a dark, purple wave

welling up, curling over, sucking in

the water’s edge of time

and space

to dream

and drift


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