Because we became lost teens of the storm, assigned

to the refrigerator with garbage bags and bleach

Amid power outages and school closures

After Hurricane Katrina, we learned to shrug early

As the city went through its own awkward stage. 


We had to cancel date night plans again,

But we filled a grocery basket with 

Canned goods, 


The last bread on the shelf

In silence. We talked about the smell

Of Lenten catfish in the backseat 

On the way to quarantine. 


Children of the 90’s, we go there 

When we want to remember optimism.

This is why, with a laptop between us,

I reminisced to Britney Spears

Being my first CD, 

Wiped the dust off of the guitar 

In Tool’s Track #1,

The first songs by Outkast, 

Those one hit wonders we neglect;


I explained how “Closing Time” was a metaphor

For parenthood; We shift to “Starman” and earlier

Decades when you confessed never watching

“Saturday Night Fever,” was fooled by the upbeat

Background in “Don’t Stand so Close to Me.”

In the present, there’s a band I went to see 

At a bar last weekend. 


The facts are, 

Grateful Dead’s drummer plays alongside 

Papa Mali, and this won’t be the last time we’ll

Fall asleep to trivia,

Slow dance rhythms,

Whisky heavy lyrics

In “King Cotton Blues.” Tomorrow, we can shrug

And do this again to keep the romance.

 As music goes on, so the world.



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