Art by Christine Hughes, from Philadelphia, PA


Infection House is proud to present Pittsburgh performance poet Shooooz, who was kind enough to record a reading of her piece below. Thank you Shooooz! -ed



mornings are easy.

you rise with the sun

and then it is half-past-noon.

lunch is easy

when you eat it.

some days you do not

and that

is also


afternoons are easy

except when they are not

but they don’t last long enough to matter.

evenings are easy

you eat (if there is food)

you cook (if there is not)

make nice with a screen

(the same screen you’ve made nice with all day,

but in a different outfit)

until suddenly

without warning

it is over.

nights are hard.

you fight the approach of another



you turn wakefulness into a game of high-stakes badminton

turn your body

then your pillow

then your body

you hug yourself

until a phantom appears by your side to hold you the way you wish a human would

you plead with the phantom to stay

it cites commitment issues

and politely floats away

you fall asleep only to fall awake only to fall


you dream

you wish you wouldn’t

after no time has passed

it is morning.

mornings are easy



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