April — this month of the year is always a gateway. A breath of spring, a reflection of the past astrological year. Aries season, the first of the zodiac signs, begins on March 21st. It’s a Fire time, a total destruction of broken structures, an illumination of new beginnings.  April is a time to pay attention to yourself, your innermost thoughts and goals. It’s a time to breathe, and a month most ideal to start meditating (for the purpose of healthier living and global consciousness).

April is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger. This is the planet connected to the mind and all forms of communication. Mercury signifies the power to overcome the gap between two separate entities. We speak and share what we know and experience, and allow others to do the same. How lucky we are to remain socially connected, despite our physical distance! As the Sun transitions into the earth sign of Taurus on April 20th, we will be finding more comfort in our senses, simplicity, and what makes us feel at home.

The Ace of Wands celebrates and supports any new start at this time. Embodying the element of fire, Wands signify our will and aims, and how we handle challenges. The Ace is a gift of courage and strength in our changing times. What can this gift of Fire illuminate for you? Although times are different, we ourselves are also capable of being different. What are you learning about who you are and what you need?

“Believe in yourself” is a bold message from the Six of Wands. How do we handle and fuel our new beginnings? Moving again in the willful Fire style of Wands, Six links to magnetism, creativity, love and the determination to succeed despite all odds.

Moving from a place with these intentions proves a stable foundation, but change is still difficult and reflection can still be painful. What we are doing now is new. This is a place we are all rising from together.

Six of Wands is the Victor; it marks a turning point. We must truly believe in ourselves to find the energy to accomplish what we need: to be patient, to forgive, to be creative, to be ourselves.

The Four of Swords puts our Warrior at balance. We are simply in a time where it is vital to rest and reflect. Four symbolizes foundation, stability, a wholeness; resonating with this fourth month of the year, April, it is something we are craving. We are reworking our foundations, and beginning anew. Swords embody the element of Air, as ubiquitous as our communication and thoughts. There are so many voices internally, externally, breaking stories, apps to scroll — take rest, take refuge. The Four of Swords indicates a need to isolate in response to difficulties outside. It is a forced time of solitude, to be mindful and reevaluate: a time to heal.

Thank you for reading, I encourage you to meet yourself this month. You are unique and powerful and loved.


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